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Independent Dutch music for you

Podcast # 06

Blue Flamingo
Pien Selleger

Artist: Blue Flamingo (Ziya Ertekin) feat. Racheal Botha - Title: Boom Nama Gan Gan - Email - YouTube -  Website 
Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Artist: L'Asset - Title: One By One
Email - Facebook -  Spotify 
YouTube - Twitter - Instagram

Artist: Pien Selleger - Title: Fish in the sea
Website - Email - Spotify 

Artist: Socks;SportsSocks - Titel: People get around
Email - Facebook -  Spotify

Podcast # 05

Flesh, Trash & Heat

Music by: Jory Martens, Chris van Velde, Hans Rath, Clemens Cillekens, Shay Kreuger, Ardy Beesemer, Jowalt Madimin, Jos Noorhof and Lensky
track titels: Don't Panic ~ Graphic Traffic ~ Mask~ Dust Of Summer ~ Dragons & Helium
Production: Ardy Beesemer, Chris van Velde at LGM Studio Rotterdam
Facebook: Flesh-Trash-Heat
Youtube: Music Video

Flesh, Trash & Heat is a collaboration between a group of people from the Netherlands. They send each other pieces of music which are then edited and forwarded again. After a period of time they have a number of tracks that are released. So far only on CD, but who knows what and when the next album will be released. Something is going on.

Podcast # 04

Oscar Roelof Peterse

Music by: Oscar Roelof Peterse
track titels: The Unknown Ferry ~ Love Me Too ~ Pathway ~ The Great Love Law ~ Wide-Call
Facebook: oscar.peterse.5
Website: Youtube - Soundcloud

Oscar Roelof Peterse has a taste for honest acoustic music. He has now written over 200 songs, but only a few tracks have ever been released. It is an exception that this edition plays tracks that hardly anyone has ever heard.

Podcast # 03

The Baaf

Music by: The Baaf
Track titels: Get yer shit together ~ In your face! ~ Noo Yawk , Noo Yawk ~ A liar and a thief
E-mail: bavo-marion@planet.nl
Website: Youtube

The Baaf is a Dutch artist who played in the band Sturm und Drang in the eighties. He still composes new music and records it in his mini-home studio. The Low Fi recordings give the music the right sauce what it needs.

Podcast # 02

Pien Selleger

Music by: Pien Selleger
Track titels: Blingbling ~ Why Do You Hate Me ~ Fish In The Sea ~ Train
E-mail: pien@piromedia.nl
Website: selleger.nl -  Spotify -  iTunes

In this broadcast we pay attention to the new album 'Happy song' by bassist Pien Selleger. It has become a beautiful solo album with solid beats and electronica. In the coming podcasts we are going to play even more songs.

Podcast # 01

Ron Sinoo

Music by: Ron Sinoo
Track titels: Year After Year ~ Put the ketle on ~ When It Snows ~ Life can be easy
E-mail: ron@sinoo.nl
Website: sinoo.nl -  Spotify -  iTunes

The tracks played in this first podcast are from Ron Sinoo's album 'A Good Start'. Characteristic of Ron is that his songs are always different, but always have their own recognizable handwriting.